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Enable CoPro config extensions

Before you can configure CoPro in your web.config you need to add the CoPro web.config extensions. This can be done with the following snippet:
   <section name="coPro" type="CoPro.Configuration.CoProConfig" />

After this statement you can add the custom CoPro configuration elements.

Configure CoPro

The copro configuration is done in the <copro>-tag. There you can define the name of the default content provider by providing its name in the <defaultProvider>-tag. If no default provider is available in the configuration, the first provider in the providers list is taken.

After this you can add providers within the <providers>-tag. A provider consists of its name(<name>), its content provider type (<type>) and the init settings (<initSetting>). An example configuration looks like this:
<coPro defaultProvider="myProvider">
      <add name="myProvider" type="CoPro.Provisioning.ContentProvider.XMLContentProvider" initSetting="/XMLContent/Content.xml" />

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