Getting started

Start using CoPro requires only a few simple steps.

1. Include the current version of the CoPro libary in your project by clicking Add Reference and selecting the libary.

2. Add the CoPro control to your web.config so that you can use it on every web page. To do that add the following statement to your web.config:
      <add tagPrefix="CoPro" namespace="CoPro" assembly="CoPro" />

3. Enable CoPro web.config extensions by adding the following statement to the web.config.
   <section name="coPro" type="CoPro.Configuration.CoProConfig" />

4. Configure your content providers by adding the following code to you web.config. A sample config can be found below.
   <coPro defaultProvider="myProvider">
         <add name="myProvider" type="CoPro.Provisioning.ContentProvider.XMLContentProvider" initSetting="/XMLContent/Content.xml" />

More information about web.config configuration can be found here: Configure Content Providers

5. Add SiteContent elements to display content. For ASP.NET sites this can be done with the following snippet:
<CoPro:SiteContent runat="server" ID="SiteContent1"  Key="myContent" />

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